Glass Fused to Steel



Shi-Jia-Zhuang Zheng-Zhong Technology Co.,Ltd (石家庄 正中科技) is the manufacturer of ZZTANK. They are a professional manufacturer dedicated to the design and fabrication of bolted storage tanks since 1989. Their products range includes Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFS) tanks, SS tanks, enamelled cookware and enamel glaze. With professional enamelling R&D team and more than 20 enamelling patents, ShiJiaZhuang ZhengZhong Technology Co.,Ltd has become the leader in bolted tanks industry or Asia. It is certified to ISO 9001, NSF/ANSI61, ISO 28765, LFG8, BSCI, ISO 45001, ISO 24001and other international standards.



Vitkovice glass fused to steel tank, a product of renowned Vitkovice Machinery Group, Czech Republic has been in the market for more than 40 years. Vitkovice Machinery Group is also one of the largest engineering group in Europe. The glass fused to steel tank can be used for liquid and bulk materials.  and the tank is used for potable water, waste water, bulk storage and biogas application. The tanks are also used as the basic structural element of environmental process sets such as wastewater treatment plant and biogas stations.


Glass-fused layer is compact, smooth, and glossy coating by silicate glass fused on metallic substrate in a special furnace in exceeding of 800o C. The cylindrical steel shell of the tank is assembled of glass-fused steel plates on both sides that are connected by special bolts and sealed with permanently elastic sealant. This type of bolt tank concept provides fast, neat, and precision erection. The tanks are designed in accordance with EN ISO 28765 : 2011.






Spiral Tank


Our technology provider and partner from China have more than 10 years of construction experience ensuring high standard of product quality. The spiral tank or silo uses advanced technology with unique construction method for erecting the tank.  This method saves erection tank and provide leak proof technology suitable for storing liquid, grains and digester. During construction, the coil sheet is fed into the profiling machine, making an encircling spiral profile and continuously folding to form a 30-40mm protruding around the tank body. The sheet is folded 5 times in this protrusion that provides a leak tight sealing of the tank wall. The process is a continuous process in spiral form from ground level up, until the top of the tank and need not require any work at height.


Three options of tank material can be choose from, i.e. composite metal (of stainless steel and mild steel), galvanise steel, and stainless steel.





Folding process



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